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Taiwan Previews Major Naval Acquisition Plan

TAIPEI — Taiwan’s Navy plans to build new destroyers, frigates, corvettes and submarines in a 20-year force modernization program that will replace all the US and French-built warships in the fleet.

NATO reviews ties with Russia as new truce reached in Ukraine

VILNIUS — NATO's top military commanders are meeting in Lithuania on Saturday to discuss relations with Russia as the warring sides in Ukraine agreed to pull back troops under a new peace plan reached overnight in Belarus.

All Indian Naval warships will soon have Stealth features

All Indian naval ships will have stealth features in future and some of the designs have already been incorporated in the existing platforms, according to V. Bhujanga Rao, Director-General (Naval Systems and Materials), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Taiwan Retires Hawk Missiles

TAIPEI — Taiwan will begin retiring its Hawk surface-to-air missile (SAM) system in 2015 as production of the new Tien Kung 3 (Sky Bow) SAM system ramps up, a Ministry of National Defense (MND) source said.

Four ways the PLA could take over Taiwan

There are four main ways China's People's Liberation Army could choose if they were to attempt to take over Taiwan, according to a Pentagon report published earlier this year cited by US-based blog War Is Boring.

Big Navy Supply Ship Inactivated

WASHINGTON — Weeks of disagreement over the future of the Navy’s biggest supply ships has ended with a decision to inactivate one of the four vessels.

US Troops in Iraq Could Call in Airstrikes

WASHINGTON — American troops on the ground in Iraq “could be in a position to even call in air strikes” on ISIL targets White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters aboard Air Force One Wednesday afternoon.

Defense Minister: Russia To Deploy Reinforcements To Crimea Area

MOSCOW — Russia is to reinforce its troop deployments in annexed Crimea and southern Russia because of the worsening crisis in Ukraine and the buildup of foreign forces nearby, the country’s defense minister said on Tuesday.

Fighter Jets Land On Taiwan Highway In 'China Attack' War Games

CHIAYI CITY, TAIWAN — Taiwan displayed how its fighter jets and early warning aircraft could land, refuel and take off on a closed motorway on Tuesday, in a scenario simulating a Chinese attack that wiped out the island’s air force bases.

Air National Guard Head Wants Study for Future C-130 Path

The head of the US Air National Guard wants to launch a study on the path forward for the component’s fleet of C-130 transport aircraft. That study would focus on domestic requirements of the C-130 fleet, creating a baseline for what capacity is needed and where, Lt. Gen. Stanley “Sid” Clarke told reporters Tuesday at the Air Force Association’s annual Air & Space Conference.
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