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Obama Feels Pressure to Get Congressional OK Before Ordering Strikes Inside Syria

WASHINGTON — Pressure from the opposite end of Pennsylvania Avenue is mounting on President Barack Obama to seek congressional approval before launching military strikes inside Syria.

India imposes 'Partial Ban' on Finmeccanica

NEW DELHI: India will not ink fresh arms deals with Finmeccanica, if other armament companies can provide the same equipment, but will allow ongoing contracts with the Italian conglomerate to continue unhindered.

US Clears Major Arms Sales to Saudi, Turkey

WASHINGTON — The US cleared two major potential sales to Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced Tuesday.

Textron AirLand Developing Scorpion Trainer Variant

CHICAGO — Textron AirLand plans to enter a modified version of its Scorpion aircraft into the US Air Force’s T-X trainer replacement competition, a top company official said.

Croatia Eyes Acquiring US Helos, Supplying Copters to Ukraine

The Croatian Ministry of Defense has announced plans to acquire 20 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters from the US military, and provide 14 of its Mil Mi-8MTV-1 transport helos to Ukraine’s armed forces to support Kiev’s ongoing military operation against Russia-backed separatists in the country’s eastern part.

Nuclear Politics in India and Pakistan

The international press continues to report concerns about the growing threat of nuclear terrorism in South Asia. Pakistan and India are struggling to sign multilateral nuclear agreements with different states in order to exhibit their challenging military might.

How can the US defeat IS jihadists?

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama calls the Islamic State a jihadist "cancer" threatening the Middle East and the rest of the world but has so far backed only limited air strikes against the extremists.

PAK ceasefire violations no tension; we are prepared : IAF chief

Bangalore, Aug 22: Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha today said there was no tension as such in the wake of repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan but "we are all prepared". "We all are prepared, there are no tensions as such if you ask me...this is nothing exception, this has been happening, and our response has been appropriate," Raha told reporters.

MODI Effect :Indian companies bet on Defence sector; pour in billions to manufacture Guns, Ships & Tanks

NEW DELHI: Some of India's biggest companies are pouring billions of dollars into manufacturing guns, ships and tanks for the country's military, buoyed by the new government's commitment to upgrade its armed forces using domestic factories.

Russia Stages New Military Exercises

MOSCOW — The Russian defense ministry said Wednesday it was conducting fresh military exercises in the south of the country as fighting intensified between rebels and government forces in Ukraine.
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